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ISM + ISPS Internal Auditor Course

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Entry Criteria:     Internal Auditors, DPA, CSO, Superintendents, Master, Chief Engineer having the responsibility of implementing the SMS & SSP requirements, Various shipping related company personnel dealing with ships and intending to improve their understanding of the ISM & ISPS Code

Course Duration:     3 Days

Course Description

A specially designed 3-day course; for those who are required to perform Internal Audits of Safety & Security Management Systems on ships for verification of compliance to ISM & ISPS Code.

3 Days ISM + ISPS Internal Auditor Course, 2 Days ISM Internal Auditor Course (First Two days), 1 Day ISPS Internal Auditor Course (Third day)

This course also allows ISM auditors and DPA's to refresh their knowledge of the Codes and understand the salient differences in auditing the ISM Code and ISPS Code application.

The course covers the requirements of IMO Resolution A.913 (22) for training of internal auditors.

Key Issues Covered

  • Basic concepts of safety and security
  • Relevant requirements of the ISM Code and ISPS Code 
  • Flag State and other requirements
  • Types of audits and basic steps in the development of an internal audit program
  • Phases of an internal audit
  • Planning the audit
  • Conducting the audit
  • Reporting the audit
  • Assessment techniques of examining, questioning, evaluating and reporting 
  • Case studies

Teaching Methods

  • Presentations
  • Discussions
  • Case Studies
  • Group Work
  • Exercises

Course Information

  • Course presentation and material is in English 
  • Handout given to each participant 
  • Examination (multiple choice) at the end of the course 
  • Certificate of attendance will be issued to all participants 
  • Certificate of completion will be issued to all participants who pass the examination.

Please find below the list of documents required to get on the first day of the classroom course.

1 Passport size photograph.
2 Passport, CDC, COC & INDOS No. details.