The refresher training certificates can be extended up to a maximum three months in case of reasonable efforts are exercised, yet not possible to complete the requisite training. The procedure for the extension is mentioned below.

The dispensation forms must be duly filled on-line or send to AEMTC Course Co-ordinator aetr.bom@angloeasterngroup.com or fax 91 22 2683 7008.

Request for Dispensation

(Extension to an expiredH2SAGT 1AGT 2AGT 3AGT 123Certificate)*

All reasonable efforts must be made to ensure that refresher training is completed before the individual's current certificate expires.

In exceptional circumstances, where it is not possible for an individual to complete a refresher training course before their current refresher certificate expires, it may be possible for the Asset Owner/Operator of the Installation on which the individual works, or is due to work, to extend the currency of the individual's current training certificate by up to 3 months. Such extensions should only be granted to cover unforeseen circumstances such as illness or abnormal work demands.

  • Extensions will only be applied to personnel who work offshore regularly and not to visitors or personnel who work offshore occasionally.
  • Extensions will only be applied to personnel who have completed basic training and at least one related refresher course in the respective emergency response subject matter
  • The 'Responsible Person' named below must be nominated by the Asset Owner/Operator and will normally be an OIM or senior member of the onshore operational staff. The Responsible Person should review the individual's training record, experience and frequency of participation in relevant drills and exercises before determining that attendance at course again.
  • Where an extension is granted, the effective start date of the new refresher training certificate will be the expiry date of the individual's corresponding, current certificate.
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For your information : please also note that valid 'OPITO' Training Certificates can be 'refreshed' up to 3 months prior to the existing certificate expiry date (without loss of validity).
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