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Theoretical Course UNIC-Controlled X-Engines

Entry Criteria:     This theoretical Training is aimed for marine engineers and technical staff involved directly or indirectly in operation and supervision of above listed WinGD engine types taking into consideration various bore segments and the common Engine Control System UNIC.

Course Duration:     3 days

Course Description

Participants will learn WinGD electronically controlled engine features and deepen their knowledge of engine components and functionality of all engine systems. Particular focus is put on the Engine Control System UNIC and its integration into the vital engine systems, i.e. fuel injection, servo oil and cylinder lubrication, etc.

Contents of the course
  • Introduction to the common rail technology
  • RT-flex and W-X Engine design
  • Mechanical flex components
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • FlexLub cylinder lubrication system
  • UNIC engine control system
  • Operator’s Interface - Local Display Unit (LDU)

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Please find below the list of documents required to get on the first day of the classroom course.
  1. 2 passport size photographs,
  2. Copies of Passport, CDC, COC & INDOS No.